OK. Now that you’re interested, how do you actually get the code?

NuGet Package

You can load ObjectListView via NuGet. The package is named ObjectListView.Official.

This includes just ObjectListView.dll, not the demo, tests or other projects. For those addition resources, you should download the SourceForge package below.

There are a couple of other ObjectListView packages but they are not managed by me.

Stable releases

v2.9.1 released in May 2016 is the most recent stable release.

Click here to download the full package, which includes the ObjectListView control, demos, documentation and unit tests (3.3 MB).

Click here to download just the source code of the ObjectListView project (740 KB).

Click here to download a CHM documentation file built from the source code (4.6 MB). This is a reference only and not particularly readable.

Click here to see all releases.

Not-so-stable releases

There are currently no not-so-stable releases.

Bleeding-edge source

If you are a very keen developer, you can access the SVN repository directly for this project. The following SVN command will fetch the most recent version from the repository:

svn checkout svn:// objectlistview-trunk

There are details on how to use Subversion here on SourceForge.

Please remember that code within the SVN is bleeding edge. It has not been well-tested and is almost certainly full of bugs. If you just want to play with the ObjectListView, it’s better to stay with the official releases, where the bugs are (hopefully) less obvious.